The Best Ingredients For Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s response to specific stimuli that don’t quite gel with our system, causing an immune system that, while good for times when we are sick, can cause some serious problems if it happens too often. Many of the diseases that we suffer from today are caused by excess inflammation, and more and more health experts around the world are beginning to believe that our diets are one of the biggest causes of inflammation.

Meats, processed foods, salt, and sugar are just some of the primary means of setting inflammation in around the body. Fortunately, there are a number of natural foods that can be eaten which help lower the amount of inflammation we might be suffering.

Leafy Greens

Evidence shows that for most of human evolution, much of our diet consisted of dark, leafy greens. Indeed, these greens – which include kale and spinach – are some of the most nutrient dense foods in the world, packed with a huge range of compounds that can significantly reduce the inflammation in the human body. Kale is a good choice for anyone, making it a versatile ingredient that can do a lot of good if eaten regularly.


It’s believed that if we ate more nuts, we could prevent millions of premature deaths around the world every year. Nuts are overflowing with nutrients and healthy fats, and they are one of the most recommended daily foods that we should all be eating enough of. Not only can they give us a serious nutrient boost, but they have power anti-inflammatory effects on us. Some of the best nuts around include walnuts and almonds, although eating as wide a variety is the best way to go about it.


We don’t eat nearly enough fruit, and they’re one of the most important sources of the fibre that we need to be healthy. Fruit come in a massive amount of variety, and countless studies have shown that the more we eat, the healthier we are, which has also debunked the common myth that eating too much fruit was bad for us because of all the sugar. In fact, studies have shown that even eating up to 40 serving of fruit a day has nothing but beneficial effects for us, including serious reductions in overall inflammation.


While some might consider berries as fruit, they are actually an entire class of their own, and adding to our diet is absolutely imperative for improved health. A handful of blueberries, for example, can contain hundreds of antioxidants, the powerful compounds that are great at keeping free radicals at bay and ensuring that we don’t suffer from oxidative stress. Strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, and more – they all offer unique benefits, and most nutrition experts suggest eating at least half a cup a day, although the more the better, making them perfect to eat with the morning game of big slots bonuses. Try and aim for berries that tend to be darker in colour if possible, as these contain more nutrients overall.