Which Processed Foods To Avoid And Why

Homeopathy is the fundamental belief that balance is key to all of the working in the human body, and it’s important that we always strive to attain that balance and maintain our own health. The easiest easy of starting this process is by adopting a healthier, more well-balanced and natural diet. Processed foods, while often cheap and convenient, are not what we are meant to be eating on a daily basis, but our fast-paced society means that we don’t always have the time to spend on cooking.

Processed foods are not the answer, and even just a few minutes preparing a dish out of whole foods provides more nutrients to the body than an entire meal of processed foods. Here we will look at why processed foods are not considered healthy for the human body.

Many Can Cause Cancer

Many processed foods, especially those that are made from animal derivates, such as the cheap polony found at shops, have been labelled by food scientists as carcinogenic. This is because modern methods of preservation and artificial flavouring used to create these processed meats means that many harsh, unhealthy chemicals are used, which are not fit for consumption for the human body, at least not in the long term.

They’re Bad For The Environment

The modern agricultural practices used to produce processed foods is having a serious impact on the earth’s biosphere, and it’s quickly becoming a problem that we are losing control of. Meat, for example, is extremely taxing on the ecology of the surrounding area, and it’s estimated that to create one KG of beef takes around 15000 litres of fresh water, something that is obviously unsustainable. Processed foods, like the sealed meats we find, require a vast number of resources to produce, from the packaging their in the food and water required for the animals that are used.

Many processing factories make use of substances that are simply not sustainable in the long term, with palm oil being one of the leading examples. Palm oil comes almost exclusively from the Bogor region of Indonesia – a popular country for gaming guides online, where most of the original forests have been destroyed and replaced with endless fields of palm fruit trees.

Processed Vegetable-Based Foods

Processed meats aren’t the only problem, and there are countless veggie-based foods that are also not ideal to eat on a daily basis. A tomato and onion mix, which are usually sealed in cans, require a huge amount of water, and are usually packed with excess sugar and preservatives that can cause an imbalance in the body’s fragile chemistry. Sugar has become one of the most widely eaten foods around the world, and it’s lead to a sharp increase in obesity levels, while also causing a range of health issues, with diabetes being among the most prevalent. Sugar can be found in almost all processed foods, often thanks to its flavour enhancing abilities, and it’s worth checking the amount of sugar in a food item before making a purchase.