The Top Homeopathic Remedies For Headaches

Headaches are a painful experience that all humans share fairly often, and they can be triggered by just about anything imaginable. And while almost all headaches tend to resolve themselves within a short period of time, they can become worrying when they refuse to go away.

This may mean having to take a trip to the local doctor, who will most likely prescribe a series of medications that can sometimes have less-than-desirable side effects.

If your prescribed medication has not helped, or you’re simply looking for something a bit more natural to try and curb the headaches you’re suffering from, consider trying one of these homeopathic alternatives.

1. Belladonna

Belladonna is a very commonly administered remedy for throbbing headaches that tend to come on without any warning, and are usually located in either the forehead or temples.

They can become worse when lying down flat, and sometimes can induce hot flushes that can become worse with the introduction of bright light and noise, and can be brought on from too much time in front of a screen watching series or playing Aristocrat pokies.

2. Gelsemium

This remedy is aimed at those suffering from headaches that make them feel weak, dizzy, and heavy-minded, or sometimes it can feel like there’s a right band around the head.

This is also often a dull, heavy pain that can manifest as heaviness in the eyelids, as well as pain that extends from the neck to the temples. It may also affect muscles in both the neck and the shoulders.

3. Bryonia

Bryonia should be tried by those that are suffering headaches that first start out of the back of the neck before slowly making its way to the forehead, where it will remain over both the forehead and the eyes.

It can quickly become an incredibly painful headache that may make your head feel like it’s about to burst. This can sometimes be accompanied by difficultly moving, as well as dehydration, dizziness, and nausea.

4. Nat Mur

Perfect for those that tend to suffer from the all too common migraines, which can be extremely severe, depending on the individual. Some migraines include hammering, throbbing, and can be so painful that you might be forced to call in sick from work.

Some migraines can induce vomiting, painful muscle spasms, and may require that you lie in a dark, noiseless environment before you can find any sense of relief. Migraines are also commonly associated with blurred vision and dehydration, and can be the result of heat stroke or a concussion.

5. Silica

Headaches that require Silica often start as pain in the back of the neck that slowly spreads over the entirety of the head, making it feel like your skull is at bursting point. You might become extremely sensitive to all forms of light and noises, which is often set alongside dizziness, as well as complete intolerance to certain substances, such as alcohol.

Anxiety, panic attacks, and nervousness are related conditions. It should be noted that silica should be avoided by those that have any sort of implant.