Essential Oils for Common Issues

Essential oils contain high concentrations of plant extracts that give off a powerful aroma that is said to provide numerous health benefits. For many people, essential oils are nothing but a fad among hippies and housewives who have forgone the use of more effective modern medicines. This is, however, a heavy distortion of the truth; essential oils are not a passing trend but an incredibly huge, multi-million dollar industry.

Furthermore, the science behind essential oils is no longer as fuzzy as it once was. Today, we have access to the results of several peer-reviewed pharmaceutical studies that show us evidence of essential oils being more than pseudo-scientific malarkey.

If you are interested at all in the results of these studies and what they tell us about the medicinal properties of essential oils, this article is for you. We will be covering a number of the most popular essential oils on the market and discussing their potential or proven health benefits.


Lavender is without a doubt the most popular kind of essential oil on the market. This is for good reason because several research projects have confirmed potential links between lavender oil inhalation and various health benefits. For instance, a randomised controlled trial conducted by medical professionals linked the inhalation of lavender essential oils to the achievement of better sleep.

Although a sufficient number of trials are yet to be done on human subjects, lavender essential oil is also believed to carry anti-inflammatory properties. This conclusion was made after research was conducted on mice. Lavender is also believed to offer relief from headaches when it is applied to the skin in essential oil form. The same can be said for anxiety which can apparently be alleviated the same way.


Another incredibly popular choice among essential oil users, peppermint is considered to be an excellent energy stimulant. There is even limited research that suggests peppermint essential oils actually increase performance at the gym.

Also, much like lavender, peppermint essential oils are widely believed to be a remedy for headaches when applied directly to the skin. Even if this is not exactly grounded in scientific fact, you can rest assured that a strong nasal hit of peppermint is bound to leave your headspace feeling a bit clearer than before.


Lemon oil is an essential oil that you have most likely come across in more products than you would initially think. Lemon’s citrusy odour appeals to us as a cleanly smell, hence its extensive application in household cleaning products that make your home smell great while you enjoy playing at online casinos in Sri Lanka.

Beyond its domestic applications, lemon oil is said to be a welcome addition to anybody’s skincare routine. This is because lemon oil contains large concentrations of D-limonene which can be used to prevent or reduce wrinkles.

Consider Using Essential Oils

The discussion surrounding essential oils is typically split in two. On one hand, you have those who swear by it and use it religiously and, on the other, you find skepticism and doubt. We think that you should decide for yourself.