Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety and Fear

Many of us suffer with anxiety and fear, and a homeopathic remedy is an option, however there is only limited scientific evidence and you should always consult your medical practitioner before using any type of medication.

Some forms of anxiety and fear are very serious and it is advised to first consult your doctor who may recommend using a homeopathic remedy together with a pharmaceutical drug.  It is also important to receive some sort of counselling to help with overcoming anxiety and to find strategies to cope with your issues.

Types of Homeopathic Remedies

Aconite is recommended by homeopaths for sudden and severe anxiety, panic and fear.  The panic may be from a past trauma and symptoms may include dry mouth and a rapid heartbeat.

Argentum Nitricum is occasionally recommended for those with anxiety that stems from uncertainty and may include claustrophobia, acrophobia and the fear of everyday things as enjoyable as online sports betting NZ and as easy as crossing the road.  Symptoms that may occur are digestive disturbances and craving sweet things.

Gelsemium is for those who are anxious because they have feelings of inadequacy and people who suffer from this are usually shaky or fearful and may have phobias like agoraphobia, crowds or speaking in front of large crowds.  They would prefer to be alone and do not like to be pressurised by others.

Ignatia is recommended for those who experience anxiety due to grief or loss and people who experience this will usually be sensitive and susceptible t mood swings.  It can also be used to treat depression.

Phosphorous is thought to be helpful for people with anxiety and when they get anxious or frustrated they are not able to focus well and find it difficult to fulfil tasks.  This anxiety they feel may be due to feelings of unworthiness from their social circle or romantic partners.

Silica is used for people who have a fear of new things and experiences, public speaking and getting too much attention.  These people tend to drown themselves in their work in order to try and overcome their fears.

Stramonium is recommended for anxiety, which includes nightmares or terrors and dark thoughts while they are awake.  People usually find that they are afraid of being alone or in the dark and will be scared by thoughts of mysterious figures and as they get more anxious their anxiety will get worse.

Other Possible Remedies

Besides homeopathic remedies there are other natural supplements and remedies that can be used to treat anxiety and fear:

  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, B may be helpful to treat anxiety over a long term.
  • Minerals especially Magnesium may also be shown to be a good homeopathic remedy
  • Supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids, some types of amino acids and neurotransmitters may also be helpful like 5-HTP
  • Meditation and relaxation is also a great way of reducing stress and will help you to deal with anxiety and the best way to manage it and many studies have shown these techniques to be very helpful.