13 Top Homeopathic Medicines for Kids

For years there has been debate as to whether homeopathic medicines can be used on children, and the answer is a resounding yes! Just like any medicine, a homeopathic doctor should prescribe it, and the dosage worked out according to age and weight.

The great thing about homeopathic medicines is that many of them can be kept in a medicine box for use when the need arises, so we’ve compiled a list of the top medicines that you should always have on hand. These medicines are safe and gentle and can be used in kids of all ages.

1. Aconitum napellus

This can be used to reduce a high fever and help calm anxiety. It can also aid in a croup attack.

2. Allium cepa

Alleviates runny eyes and watery nose and can be used for allergies or to stave off sneezing and cold symptoms.

3. Apis mellifica

For use in red, itchy rashes and stinging. Can be used on anything from sunburn to nappy rash to insect bites or hives and can also be used in adults so they can enjoy their online betting in peace without being itchy.

4. Arnica

Possibly the most well known homeopathic remedy, this can be used on bruises, aches, muscle pain, sprains and any other similar trauma. It can be used as a cream or gel, but it must never be used on broken skin as it can cause irritation.

5. Arsenicum album

For use when vomiting or diarrhoea occurs. Can stop the symptoms and also aid in recovery. It is also used in the treatment of asthma attacks.

6. Belladonna

For use when a child has a very high fever and is possibly a little bit delirious.

7. Chamomila

For use with teething pain and the irritability caused by this. Also effective in the treatment of green diarrhoea, low-grade fever and other teething-associated symptoms.

8. Ferrum phosphoricum

Aids against earache and low grade fever that appeal at the start of any illness.

9. Hepar sulphuris

For earaches, swimmers ear, or anything to do with pus. Can be used to treat boils and abscess too.

10. Nux vomica

Used for tummy upsets when too many sweets have been eaten. Also ideal for use in angry or irritable children, or those who cannot sleep due to anxiety or stress.

11. Pulsatilla

For colds or allergies and runny noses. Also perfect as it calms children who are weepy and anxious when not feeling 100%.

13. Oscillococcinum

For the use fever and flu as soon as symptoms start. Headaches, aches ad fever can all be treated using this as it can nip infections in the bud.

Important Tips

These tips are crucial when using homeopathic medicines in children:

  • Medicines should be individualised to your child and how their illness is being experienced.
  • Be aware that each medication can have multiple uses.
  • Ensure the dilution is correct for your child. 9C or 30C is generally correct but a homeopath should advise you.
  • Wherever possible, dose 15-20 minutes before food or drink.